Man Ray (“Mr. and Mrs. Woodman”)

¿Cómo me veo hoy?, pregunta Sofía, o más bien pregunta el figurín articulado de madera que representa a Sofía. Los lunes, como hoy, son los días de ella y Kennedy, apellido que para ella no guarda ninguna relación con la familia del ex-presidente de los Estados Unidos, pero que sabía, sin dudas, que su madre apreciaría. Kennedy es un buen novio; no le alza la voz cuando se enoja, y la saca a pasear en su convertible con regularidad. …

When I think of photography, or simply, images, I think of eyes — of the act of seeing. It’s an obvious correlation; the analogy of the eye and the lens is not a new one. This connection materialized sometime between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as the camera obscura’s popularity increased. The device, in its most basic form, consisting of a small dark room with an aperture and a lens through which light entered, became the dominant paradigm of human vision — a mechanical model of the eye itself and a representation of the relationship between the self and the…

Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets. — Andy Warhol

The biology of anxiety and fear is characterized by an increased response to arousal. A sudden release of adrenaline triggers an abnormal excitation of the nervous system —the pulse rises, senses sharpen; a secretion of hormones ruptures the link to normalcy. The body, catapulted quite unexpectedly into a state of distress, gives way to multifarious responses, most borne out of pure feeling, thoughtless reaction. But when the commonly perfect rhythms of the body are interrupted by stress, the mind scrambles for answers…

G. Almeida

perpetual emotion machine in arrested development. probably thinking about movies and nathan fielder.

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